Necessity of balance.


My son’s mother just found one of his old notebooks…(My son was always journaling or sketching something in notebooks that he kept with him most of the time)   A wrinkled yellow legal page fell out. On it August had written:

Art is an individual’s vehicle for personal expression of feelings, questions, ideas.
It is an extension of one’s self reflecting some aspect of the artist’s internal make up.
‘Harold and Maude’ expresses it’s creator’s struggle and ultimate acceptance of the inevitability and necessity of life and death and the delicate, yet unwavering balance of the two.
-August C. Bohlinger

Although my son has been gone for nine years, we keep receiving little messages from him.  Perhaps this one arrived now rather than years ago because I would have been unable to understand it while I was deep in grief and depression.  He was right,  death is a necessary part…

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J.K. Rowling’s Exeter and the Exeter Novel Prize

Helena Fairfax

helena fairfax, exeter novel prize Paddington Station

A couple of months ago a manuscript I’m working on was shortlisted for the Exeter Novel Prize, and last Saturday the award ceremony was held in (of course!) the city of Exeter. So, at the weekend I travelled all the way to Devon for the ceremony. Exeter is a pretty long way away for me. I live in Yorkshire, in the north of England, and Exeter is right down in the south. I was determined not to let the distance put me off, though, and in fact I don’t mind travelling by train. To me, being stuck on a train for several hours is just a perfect excuse to read a book (not that I need one!)

Besides, I like visiting parts of the country I don’t know well, and travelling to Devon was an adventure. We had to change trains in London, and the Exeter train leaves…

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